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Countryside Pet Resort is THE place to bring your pet when you need a safe place for your pet to spend some time away from home. We have daycare or day boarding for those pets whose parents are doing some remodeling at home or have guests coming over that may cause a lot of stress for a shy pet. Daycare is also the place for the active, playful, fun loving pet who excels in situations where they get to play for hours on end with fellow companions. Our daycare team is also experienced at introducing that shy dog whose parents are concerned that a little more socialization is needed for the proper development of their furry family member. Our boarding facilities can accommodate all sizes and personalities of pets. For the pampered pet or those who need more room, we offer luxury suites. We also offer indoor, air conditioned/heated runs and cages in the main kennel area. Last but not least there is a separate cat room off of the reception area where our feline friends can find a quite, relaxing environment to catch up on some much needed rest.

Our team at Countryside Pet Resort is dedicated to a safe, enjoyable, and healthy stay for your pet while they are with us. They are continually on the lookout for any change in the condition of your pet that may warrant further attention. They do their best to calm any nervous boarders and help them enjoy their experience here as much as possible. If a boarder is not signed up for daycare, they do their best to walk them as much as possible and give them the attention that most pets desire. Cleaning at Countryside is a top priority. All locations are cleaned a minimum of once a day and more if warranted. We use a gentle cleaner that is approved for health care and food preparation environments that has a low odor and is noncorrosive. We also use a disinfectant on all our facilities between stays to make sure that the next boarder has a clean room to stay in. Our turnouts are all enclosed by 10 foot wood slat fences that sit on a solid concrete foundation to prevent any tunnel escapes. Our boarders are fed Iams Low-Residue food that is specially formulated to be easy on their stomach and they get fresh water twice daily or more often if needed.

Countryside Pet Resort proudly serves Andover, Wichita and the surrounding areas.

If you have any additional questions or concerns please contact us at 316-733-8111. We hope you will decide that Countryside Pet Resort is the best place for your pet to stay and that we will get the opportunity to get to know you and your pets.

Take a moment to view images of our pet resort on the Resort Tour page.

We want to make sure that your pet receives their proper medications while boarding with us. Please print and fill out this form and bring into your next visit: Boarding Medications



We do require a reservation, confirmed with a resort receptionist, before admittance into Countryside Pet Resort. This is to ensure that there will be a location available for your pet upon arrival and for the duration of its stay with us. Please call us at 316-733-8111, email us, or log into your Pet Portal to reserve your spot.

New to Countryside Pet Resort? Please fill our new client forms and bring with you for a quicker check-in.

Home Away from Home

After our team arrives in the morning, they start in on walking our boarders. While someone supervises the activity outside, the rest of the team members are cleaning the home, providing fresh water, food, and treats per parents direction. After our boarder has had a chance to stretch their legs, go the the bathroom, and get some fresh air, they are brought back into their home where breakfast awaits.

During the middle part of the day our staffs number one priority, after required duties are performed, is to get our boarders out of their homes and outside for additional walks and interaction with team members. In addition, team members are continuously walking around the resort performing duties, and if a boarder appears to need additional attention, more water, or a mess cleaned up, they do it immediately. A clean and comfortable environment is a top priority for all of our boarders, and we do whatever we can to ensure it is provided.

Starting about 3:30 -4:00pm our team starts on the evening shift duties. Boarders are again walked outside while team members inside clean up any messes, provide fresh water, and feed according to instructions. After our boarder is brought back in and had time to digest, time permitting, they will get an additional walk before lights out.

Homes and Amenities


Our suites are 6'x6' to give these boarders extra room to walk around and not feel confined, and have a Tropical Tiki Hut or Bavarian Village theme. The suites are located in a separate area from the main kennel that allows for a less noisy environment. They also come with a soft vinyl, raised bed that allows for additional comfort while taking a mid-day siesta or bedding down for the night. Suites have a view to the reception area where they can see all the people and pets coming in or out, or for our less sociable boarders there are suites with a view to the outside where they will be able to observe the happenings outside their window without being disturbed. If that's not enough, they also get a complimentary full day of doggy daycare, one free hydrosurge bath, and at least three walks a day with extra attention from the team. For the pampered pet, this is the Ritz Carlton of Boarding.


Our runs are 4'x7' or 3'x7' all indoor, and have a solid vinyl fold down bed to keep them up off the floor while resting. The runs have vinyl sides and stainless steel front doors. During walk times, the main kennel has access to 2 large fenced river rock turnouts where dogs get a chance to exercise, play, use the bathroom, and spend some time outside their temporary home.


Our cages come in small, medium, medium/large, and large and can house a pet anywhere from 1-45lbs. depending on height. Cages are stainless steel construction and tucked into a cove off of the main kennel area. The cage sizes are as follows:



Weight Limit



1-15 lbs.



16-25 lbs.



26-35 lbs.



36-45 lbs.


Our cats enjoy a room to themselves where they don't have to listen to the dogs barking. There are plenty of windows to provide fresh air, sunlight, and sounds of nature to keep their attention. There is also a kitty playroom that our boarders can spend some time in with toys, and climbing equipment. This room is only for one cat at a time or a group of cats from the same family.



Our Daycare is a fun and exciting place for dogs of all sizes, ages, makes and models to come together and play. Young dogs are sensitized to interaction with other dogs so that they know how to act in the neighborhood, park, and playground when other dogs are present. Daycare also has the benefit of consuming some of the "endless" energy that many dogs have so that they are not as rambunctious when you get home from work. Our middle age dogs love daycare for the social interaction. Play bows lead to friendly games of pin the partner, doggy boxing, play biting, tug-o-war, and any combination in between. The elders in the room help to keep order, instructing puppies (through a nip here and a bump there) what is acceptable play and what gets on their nerves. It can also breathe new life into some older dogs that are getting less active, stimulating them to move, play, and interact more.

We do recommend reserving a spot in daycare for your dog, please call us at 316-733-8111, email us, or log into your Pet Portal to reserve your spot.

New to Countryside Pet Resort? Please fill our new client forms and bring with you for a quicker check-in.


Daycare Rates 





Full Day



Additional Dog



Half Day





Full Day - Boarding






Half Day - Boarding




Full Day Punchcard (10)




Additional Dog



Half Day Punchcard (10)




Boarding Accommodations 





Small Dog Kennel



Large Dog Run (3' x 7')





VIP Suites (6.5' x 6.5')






Cat Condo




Cat Suite




Exotic Pets




Frequently Asked Questions
What vaccinations does my pet need to board?
Your canine pet needs to be current on their rabies, bordetella, canine influenza, leptospirosis and distemper/parvo vaccinations.

Your feline pet needs to be current on their rabies and distemper vaccinations. If they will be playing in the playroom they will also need to be current on their feline leukemia vaccination.

All vaccinations must be administered by a licensed veterinarian and if your pet is vaccinated at a clinic other than Countryside Pet Clinic, we will need a copy of their current vaccination history.

My dog has come down with a cough after boarding. I thought he was vaccinated for Kennel Cough?
A dry hacking/choking type cough is often associated with a condition called Infectious Canine Tracheobronchitis (ICT) or commonly known as kennel cough though that description is not truly accurate because your pet can contract the illness in any number of locations such as the groomer, pet supply store, the park or at home. It can be transmitted via mucus membrane contact (i.e. nose rubbing/kissing) or through the air. It is very similar to the common cold in that there are a number of different organisms that can bring about this infection and the Bordetella vaccination, like the flu vaccine, does not cover all of them. The vaccination does cover the most common varieties and to be most effective it should be administered at least 2 weeks prior to checking in to boarding so there is a chance for immunity to develop. If your pet is showing signs of having ICT then you should make an appointment to see your pets primary care provider or make and appointment at Countryside Pet Clinic to have your pet checked out.

Are the kennels indoor? And are they climate controlled?
All of our kennels are indoor and we use heating and air conditioning to keep your pet comfortable. We also have ventilation systems in all areas of the resort to ensure the air is cycling.

How often is my dog taken outside?
All dogs are taken outside 3-5 times per day depending on occupancy.

Can my dogs stay in the same kennel?
Yes, depending on size 2 or even 3 dogs can stay in the same kennel.

Can my cats stay in the same kennel?
Yes, we have cat condos with walk through areas which are twice the size of the regular kennel and are perfect for two cats.

How do you charge?
We charge for boarding by the number of nights your pet stays. However, if you pick your pet up on Sunday you will be charged for Sunday night.

Do you board anything other than dogs and cats?
Yes, we can board birds, rabbits, guinea pigs and most other small animals if you provide their cage, food and any other necessities it may need during it's stay.

Can I bring bedding and toys?
Yes, you are welcome to bring items to make your pet feel more at home. We do ask that you limit the number of toys you bring to cut down on items being misplaced.

Do I need to bring my pet's food?
No, you do not need to bring you pet's food. If your pet has food allergies or is on a special diet we recommend that you do bring in your pet's food. We provide Iams Low Reside dry food for our canine guests and Iams Adult maintenance dry food for our feline guests.

Can you give my pet medications or treats while boarding?
Yes, just provide the medications and/or treats and tell us how often they need to be administered. With medications, if you have changed the dosage from what the original prescription states on the bottle, please let the receptionist know so there is less confusion as to what we are supposed to be administering. (There is a $3.50 fee per day for medication administration.)

Will my pet be in contact with any other pets?
No, not unless you want them to be. Our daycare dogs will often be taken outside for breaks along with other daycare dogs so that they can have a longer break. If you dog is not in daycare then your dog will not be with other dogs.

Is someone there at night and on the weekends when you are not open to take care of the pets?
There are no staff here during the night. We are here on the weekend taking care of our boarders just as if it were a weekday.

What if something happens to my pet?
If there is an emergency with any animal we will take it to Countryside Pet Clinic immediately to be treated. If it is not an emergency we will call your emergency contact number to get permission to treat. All treatment will be at the owners' expense and payment will be due upon checkout.

Are people in the room with my dog during daycare?
There are two – three people in the daycare room with the dogs at all times to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Are large and small dogs together in the daycare room?
Large and small dogs are separated in daycare room.

Where does my dog go during nap time?
Between 11:30am and 1:30pm is nap time for the full day daycare dogs. At this time we put all the dogs in separate runs or cages within the boarding facility for a nap.
Resort Hours
Mondayopen7:00 AM6:00 PM
Tuesdayopen7:00 AM6:00 PM
Wednesdayopen7:00 AM6:00 PM
Thursdayopen7:00 AM6:00 PM
Fridayopen7:00 AM6:00 PM
Saturdayopen7:30 AM12:00 PM

*Courtesy Pickup from 5:30pm - 6:00pm

Resort Policies

Vaccination Requirements

  • All of our canine guests must be current on Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, Bordetella, Canine Influenza and Leptospirosis vaccinations.
  • All of our feline guests must be current on Rabies and Feline Distemper vaccinations, and will need to have their Feline Leukemia vaccination to play in the play room.
  • Vaccinations must be administered by a licensed veterinarian and if your pet is vaccinated at a clinic other than Countryside Pet Clinic, we will require a copy of their current vaccination record.

Reservation Policy

All boarders will require a reservation, confirmed with a resort receptionist, before admittance into Countryside Pet Resort. This is to ensure that there will be a location available for your pet upon arrival and for the duration of its stay with us.

Daycare Policies

Puppies are welcome at Countryside Daycare but must have completed their first two series of distemper vaccinations and have their bordetella vaccination before admittance. They must also receive their rabies vaccination around 12 weeks of age and be neutered or spayed by 6 months of age.

Payment Policy

We require full payment at the time that services are rendered. For your convenience, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, cash and personal checks.

Patient Arrival Policy

For your protection, and that of others, all dogs must be on a leash and properly controlled while in the waiting area or exam rooms.

All cats must be presented in an appropriate cat carrier or on a leash.